Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Might as well introduce myself

I am Kirsty, I am 26 years of age and I have some news to share. Today there was a delivery from a very important person in my life. None other than the fantabulous Cath Kidston. Receiving 16 fat quarters of her gorgeous fabrics inspired me to start writing and share my love for all things crafty with everyone else.

As a general rule, my makes revolve around fabric. Any fabric. Bright and bold, pale and pastel, floral, spots, animals, anything! I can spend hours routing through websites and Ebay looking for something that is just right for my requirements. I'll quite happily demolish a duvet cover or curtain to get at what I want!

For the most part, everything I make I sell. Either on my website, on Ebay at or on Facebook I do like getting my teeth stuck into various projects and will try anything once. I tend to have several projects on the go all at once and like a butterfly I will flit from thing to thing as the mood strikes.

Today is a prime example. I have finished a gift bag that I started last week. I only had to sew the outer seams as I had embroidered the handles and attached the denim letters. Rather than machine sewing, I decided to do this one by hand. I find hand sewing quite therapeutic. Very good for curbing chocolate cravings too!

This bag is intended for my nephew's birthday present. Now granted his birthday isn't until May, but I kind of needed a male gift bag prototype to photograph for my website, as up until now I only had plain white ones for boys and girls, and a pink/lilac design for the females. Any feedback on this design is welcome.

I have also lovingly looked through my Cath Kidston fabrics. Spotty designs, Paisley, Provence Rose, Mini Cowboy, I love them all! I can't seem to pick my favourite to make a sunglasses case for the new spcs I picked up in Boots at the weekend. I know I already have two cases, but one more won't hurt right?! Especially not if it's Cath Kidston.

I have more makes planned for the prints, and this will include pictures like the Ikea Rosali prints here. Such a great and affordable way to brighten your home and available in a huge range of sizes from 6" x 6" up to 24" x 24" in my shop here.

I just wanted to add that I ordered a hand crafted Rosali purse for my sister in law's birthday present from a lady who runs Sewn To Be Treasured on Facebook. It was very well made and only served to grow my love for the versatility of this print.

Before I sign off for the week, I would also like to share my excitement of winning a Cath Kidston design necklace, just like this one. It was made by Liz at From Fine To Funky, a new business who has come up with some lovely designs for utilising Cath Kidston prints. I for one, am a fan of hers.

That is all, for this week at least. I've got a busy few days coming up. I have a photo collage and frame to work on for my sister, and a funeral to go to on Friday to say goodbye to my beloved Grandad, who sadly passed away two weeks ago. Take care everyone and happy making x

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