Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The bin guide

Hello to you all,

What a mixed up 7 days I've had. I suffer from a condition called syphysis pubis dysfunction which means I can't walk unaided, sit for long or stand for long either. I had a set back last week when I ripped a few ligaments in my pelvis so I've been in pain ever since. Because of this, I haven't done much, but I have got some new things to show you, including the finished collage (mentioned in last weeks post), a waste paper bin and a key/change glass dish.

I'll start with the collage. As those of you who read my last post will know, I started a family photo collage last week which was going to have a Prestigious Textiles fabric frame. Along the way I came across a few hiccups with my design plan so had to alter it slightly.

This is the card frame that will have the fabric around it. After measuring and sticking and measuring some more, it came to my attention that the frame shape I had was rather flimsy. If you look on the right you will see the ribbon tied around it that was for hanging it on the wall, but the huge frame just bowed. So my genius boyfriend suggested a wooden frame. The problem? On a Friday night at 10:30pm, who can get hold of wood slats?! I did have lolly sticks though, so we put them across the back and made triangles, then put another layer across the top in a different pattern. It was left to dry overnight with catalogues on it as the lolly                  sticks didn't want to... well, stick!
I began the fabric coating on Saturday. First I measured out strips of fabric, 8 inches wide and the full length of the fabric (around 50 inches). I then began to wrap it round, one side at a time, and cut it diagonally on each corner, like this picture shows. A flush joint was made (don't worry about the pattern not joining.

The fabric overlapped round the back slightly. I kept the lolly stick on the back to keep the front part (the bit on display) smooth. As you can see, the back isn't straight and it's far from perfect, but it won't be on show once it is all put together.

Make sure you allow the ribbon to hang out at the back. I used one length of ribbon (not two as previously estimated) and simply tied it round on either side in a tight knot. The knot has been kept to the centre of the back and fabric has been stuck over the rest of the ribbon.

Over each corner where the fabric joins I stuck ribbon, so the join was covered. It doesn't need to be neat round the back.

The frame was then left to dry for a few hours (the beauty of PVA is that it dries fairly quick at room temperature).

This was the finished frame (for some reason the picture has turned itself upside down!).

After drying, it was time to put it over the photos. Make sure you use plenty of glue and glue the card you are sticking on as it is easy than fabric. Due to the size of my picture it took two people to ensure it was on straight. Ensure that the ribbon is pulled up before sticking the frame. It was then laid out face down with yet more catalogues to weight it down. It was dry the following morning, and below is the finished product.

I am sure you will agree that this looks amazing! Due to the issues I encountered I will be having a look at doing things differently next time. This is a great way to display photos though and I did it for well under £20. It does take a long time (I reckon I easily spent 20 hours working on it), but the result is fabulous and definitely unique!

Something else I have hand made this week is a waste paper basket. This has got to be the easiest and cheapest thing you could do to brighten up your lounge. All it took was an old cardboard box, some PVA and some fabric (I used Prestigious Textiles Maple fabric, the same as the collage frame, but in a different colourway).

It was simple as coating the box in glue, wrapping the fabric around the cardboard, doing one side at a time and smoothing out any air bubbles. I would recommend using a 100% cotton fabric as from experience, polycotton doesn't smooth very well due to the stretch. This whole thing took me no more than half an hour and cost under £5. What a bargain!

As you can see, the fabric was simply folded under the bottom and at the top too. My only other tip, is if you are using a light coloured fabric, it is worth gluing white card to each outer side of the box so it doesn't show through. I had to do this as my box was black. It was also a flimsy box, so the extra card layer helped re-enforce it.

So, that's the how to guides for this week. It's amazing what can be made from fabric, card and patience isn't it?!

The last thing I have to show you is this glass dish. This is in a Cath Kidston design - Mini Provence Rose, green.

It's perfect size of 5" x 5" is perfect for housing keys, change or even sweeties! It's also a cheap way of getting a little bit of unique into your home, as this piece is only £9.95 (plus postage and packaging).

It is available to purchase on my website here. You can also buy matching items from Cath Kidston direct.

One last thing to mention is a company I came across at the weekend. Party Bag World is THE best place for affordable party bags that are pre-filled. The prices start at £1 each!

That's all for this week. There will be more makes headed your way this time next week. Ciao x

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