Saturday, 26 May 2012

Feeling hot hot hot

Oh my gosh, this weather! It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't even go out in it with a chaperone to take me. That makes me very sad indeed.On a plus note, it was my birthday yesterday and I simply had to share with you what me boyfriend and his sister got me. Not only did I get an absolutely stunning Cath Kidston handbag from my boyfriend (he knows me so well), but his sister bought another gorgeous shabby chic bag. The best bit is, they match. So I have one for all my large business things (for when I'm better and can go places) and I have one for my purse etc. I also got a Boofle pen, Boofle shopper bag, and a Boofle compact mirror, to keep me new bag. Needless to say I was very very happy with these gifts.

Birthday aside, I have had a few busy days and a few "can't do anything" days. My pain levels have been high and just as I thought I was starting to recover (I woke up yesterday morning feeling slightly better), I ripped some ligaments while climbing the stairs yesterday. Now I'm in agony all over again and I'm reaching my limit for coping with being disabled.
One thing I did manage to do was get my sewing machine out last Saturday. I really paid the price with pain, but it meant I sewed three cushions and two pillowcases.

Two of the cushions were made from Prestigious Textiles Maple in cinnamon. You might have noticed how much I love this fabric from working with it in the past. It's such fantastic quality and the print is amazing. I did them with a simple press fastener on the back as I didn't have enough fabric to do an envelope closure. These cushions were for my sisters birthday (the person I made the photo collage for) and she got the yesterday. Here's the text I received from her "OMG!!! I love the cushions!". Job well done me thinks.

The other cushion was made from left over nursery rhyme fabric that I had from pictures. I found I had just enough to make a 16" x 16" patchwork style cover, and I lined it with off white polycotton. I really like how it's turned out and it would make a fantastic addition to a nursery, perhaps in a chair to rest your arm on while feeding baby? Unfortunately the pictures have turned sideways, but you get the jist.

The pillowcases were probably one of the most thrifty ideas I've ever had. I have been struggling to find curtains to fit my bedroom window because it's long but quite narrow. For a long time now I've had a plain cream blackout up and a blind. I found some curtains I really liked, but I was struggling with bedding. I find the problem with red being that if there is a colour mis-match it can clash. I also found patterned bedding extremely expensive for king size. So I bought 90" x 90" curtains and plain cream bedding. One curtain has gone up and the other was cut up! Ta da! New, matching, bedding! At a fraction of the cost too. I've never even tried to make pillowcases in my life, but they were really easy. I think I underestimate my skills.

I have also started bracelet making with fabric scraps. These are two I've done so far. One with a press fastener and one that has enough stretch to just slide on. The first two I made were cream and blue and I love wearing them. They are what I would deem to be my style because they're a little but different but still really pretty. I have decided to list them on Ebay at 99p ( which for the time taken to make is an absolute bargain!
I have made the decision to stop making personalised fabric bookmarks and find other ways to use up my millions of scraps. I'm hoping to put together some bracelet and necklace sets and I might even have a go at earrings to match too. I will also be putting some quilters packs together with precut squares.

Yesterday I had a clear out with tiles and coasters. I've got loads that I've used as samples and they are taking up lots of room so I have decided to sell them at a reduced price. This means the tiles are £7.95 each, and the coaster sets are £9.95 each. They are available on my website or in my ebay store They are very limited in quantity.
Something else that's a bit of a rarity is Cath Kidston's Classic Rose. I got hold of some in blue a few months back but it's nearly gone and I cannot get anymore. It's a huge shame because the tiles in this design look absolutely gorgeous. I have been able to get some in white though so I am offering both pictures and tiles in this print. There aren't many though and I should imagine once they've gone, that's it!

I haven't had chance to look for craft how to guides. I have bought a new book though called Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. I've flicked through it and it is exactly what I wanted. It's fantastic and I can't wait to try the different things in it and I will share some of the ideas in it too. I have also found some new fabric websites. I love coming across the ones that are normally on page 328 of Google because there are so many! It's those ones you get the best products from (and usually service too). They are and

Another short one this week I'm afraid. I need to crack on with the washing (with a lot of help from my brilliant four year old son!) and I've started some more Thomas The Tank Engine cushions, this time with Percy on them. I would like to get them finished today and start on some others. I make them in batches. I cut, pin and tack them and once I have a few I get the sewing machine out and off I go!

Have a great week and enjoy the sun. Happy crafting :-)

Kirsty x

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