Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I was determined this week to get my blog post up by the end of Wednesday, my original intended day. I did get slightly sidetracked making fabric covered buttons (guide below), and listing more gorgeous items on my website,, but I got here before noon!

After losing my crafting mojo last week, I have now bounced back with a vengeance, starting several projects all at once. I have also been looking at new ways to use up my fabric scraps stash (that seems to be taking over my lounge! I cannot wait to get my own craft room when we move house, and have better storage too because I don't have any space left.

Before I go into more detail about my makes this week, I would like to mention a farm we visited (me, my other half and my four year old son) on Sunday. It was the perfect day for being outdoors because of the weather, so we went to St Leonards Farm which is near Bradford, West Yorkshire. It was a fantastic day. We had a picnic in the sunshine where there was a small playground, a wooden bridge over a stream, and a paddling area. I fell in love with the baby rabbits, that you can hold, along with a guinea pig, and this gorgeous kid (of the goat variety) who was convinced my finger was a dummy and insisted on suckling on it every time I held my hand out! It even tried to get out to reach me! It even had stumps where it's horns would grow. I wanted to take it home with me! There were cute lambs, four billy goats gruff with a bridge over a footpath with a painting of a troll underneath, a barn full of hay to play in, horses, meercats, ride on tractors and more. I could have stayed a week with those animals! It was really hands on.Definitely a recommendation if you are near or in Yorkshire.

On to crafts. First, I would like to share with you my attempt at fabric covered buttons. I've wanted to try this for ages now, but have never got round to it. I toyed with the idea of buying a kit but after looking round, I found that they were pricey for what you got. I have hundreds of buttons, so I decided to to use those, and this is how.

You will need:

Any buttons, not just flat ones
Small fabric circles, just under double the diameter of the buttons chosen
Needle and thread (great for using small scraps of thread as it will be hidden)


1. Using a small running stitch, sew round the edge of the circle, all the way round and pull to gather slightly.

2. Place your button in the middle and pull the thread really tight, so the fabric wraps round the button, and secure in place.

3. Use buttons, by either locating the holes by pushing a needle through, sewing through the 
fabric on the back or gluing.

How easy is that? And it uses up tiny bits of fabric. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Given my latest cushion making obsession, I should have as they will look brilliant with these buttons.

Speaking of cushions, I now have seven on the go. Most are just waiting to be run through the sewing machine, and some are awaiting appliques to be sewn on. I was given a lightweight jumper in aqua blue that is made from super soft fabric that I will never wear, so that is going to become a cushion too. I think I will probably make a flower to put on the front of it and finish with a fabric covered button. I'm really getting into upcycling lately, and I'm finding it easier to look at everything in a new light before throwing it in the bin. There are some things I've had to part with because I don't have enough time to make it all. As I upcycle, I intend to share my wares on here.

Yesterday I placed another order with Cath Kidston. Yipee! I have order in Boat for a picture and also some tiles (fantastic for a bathroom), and another eight fat quarters, which the actual designs will be a surprise. I'm so excited for the delivery to arrive!

I have also got some Cath Kidston Classic Rose fabric in white. This is extremely rare, but looks fantastic as a picture, and I have it in blue on tiles too. I have been unable to get any more blue, so the tiles are very limited in quantity. I am also offering the white on tiles too. This is about as shabby chic as your kitchen or bathroom could possibly get! Both designs are available at from £9.95 each for the tiles and from £5 each for the pictures. I also have a full set of four tiles as pictured, available for only £29.85 (25% off). There is only one set available.

Today I have been really busy making some new pictures too. This is Clarke and Clarke Abigail in sage, and I think it looks gorgeous as a picture. I may have to make one of these for my own house.

I would also like to share this week another guide for using up scraps. I have long hair, and really like girly things to put in it (excluding scrunchies that remind me of when I was very young!), so making hair grips like these at is perfect for me. I already know how to do the covered buttons, and I have grips with the flat plate on the end, so I was thinking about gluing the button to the hair pin (using E6000), and then covering it. Gorgeous for summer, and the other one I'm going to try is different flowers with a felt circle on the back, that can be slid onto a regular kirby grip. One grip, several flowers and a simple pick and mix system depending on my mood/outfit for the day. I'll keep you posted on that one!

Last of all, I have been advised that Cath Kidston have lots of lovely things for the Jubilee weekend, as well as different things happening in their stores. If, like me, you daren't step inside her stores for fear of sending every penny you have, here is a lovely Jubilee link for you.

Cath Kidston (UK)

Kirsty x

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