Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little out of sorts

Last Wednesday I started a new treatment for my SPD. The downside is that it had kept me mostly horizontal for a week. The upside is that my specialist is confident it will make me better, so in the long run this is fantastic news for me and my business.

Due to all this going on I've done a lot less crafting, but I do have some new things to share.
Firstly and most importantly, my mum is getting married today and I am on route as I type. I'm very excited on her behalf. Given that SPD has caused me to go up two dress sizes, I have been having major clothing issues! I wanted to wear navy and have two stunning (and very expensive) dresses in my closet that would have been perfect. Unfortunately I cannot get into them so I have had to buy. This occasion for buying new on a tight budget has been rather new to me. Once a full time worker, I wouldn't have thought twice about spending £150 on a dress if I really liked it. I have always known instantly if an item of clothing is exactly what I'm looking for. This time my budget has been closer to £25 for an entire outfit, so I knew it was time to get crafty.

After researching I knew I wanted a tea dress. I mean, really wanted a tea dress. They were all so expensive though and I needed one with stretch in it and no buttons as my chest is two clothing sizes bigger than my waist (always been a major problem). I also needed a low neck line and the latest fashion is almost a crew neck, which makes me look huge! So I decided to buy a plain dress. I went with a navy skater dress. Tight on top with elbow length sleeves and a scoop neck. Nice flared out skirt. When it arrived I was very pleased as it has quite a lot of weight so it hangs beautifully. It also has a black patent belt too.

After choosing my dress I started to draw out my design. I had issues deciding on tight and shoe colours. I found some dark blue denim pumps with a round toe and the top is a nude colour. My original plan was for plain shoes and I was going to decorate them with flowers but these are just perfect as they are.

It was yesterday morning when I eventually decided on my final design. I knew I wanted a flower for my hair, one for my bag (which is upside down!) and butterflies on my dress but I could settle on a flower design or fabric. In the end I went with a simple layered flower with two colours and a fabric covered button. I already had butterfly and flower outlines on my computer and simply put them onto a sheet in different sizes. When they were printed I just cut them out and pinned them onto the fabric to cut round. I've never used a template in this way before as I have tended to use cardboard and drawn round it. I found it very easy though and it saves a lot of time. I chose Cath Kidston Spray Flowers in grey and matched it with teal.

I did a flower with a rectangle of fabric on the back to slide a hair grip through, I sewed one onto a large black clutch bag and I added a butterfly to the right of the neckline of my dress and three at the bottom. I used Mod Podge to put on the edges of the flowers and butterflies as the small size made them delicate and prone to fraying. My total cost (excluding the bag which I already had) was £14.95 dress ( Ebay), £7.98 shoes (Ebay again) around 50p worth of fabric (the teal was left over from some cushion covers and the Spray Flowers was direct from Cath Kidston) and that's it! £23.43 spent and I have a completely unique outfit that not one other person will ever have!

Something else I have turned my hand to lately are two plant pots. I coated them in emulsion and I had some Cath Kidston fabric hearts in Province Rose and Tea Rose that I stuck on. They look really pretty and I'm in two minds as to whether to sell or keep. If that is something you want to have a go at, I have a few tips. I used plastic pots because they are cheap, they are light and not as fragile as pot and I already had two spare ones lying around. I wasn't sure if the paint would stick so I put two coats of pva glue on first as a base. I probably could have done with adding another. I had to do three coats of paint and I used Dulux so it wasn't cheap stuff. I used pva to add the hearts and coated the top of them to seal and protect. This stuff isn't waterproof though. I also found the top and bottom bits hard to paint neatly although I used a very small brush. In the end, I used a baby wipe to remove any excess paint after it had dried. Bonus of emulsion! I will get a picture up soon.

Aside from all the above, I have been having a huge clear out of fabric because I cannot use all the scraps I have. I am selling 300g bags of scraps for £4.50 including postage in my Ebay store. There are currently 6 available but I may add more. They all have some really large pieces of fabric in, and very few small bits. There's a good selection of colours in each, and I'm sure you could have as much fun as I have making jewellery and hair accessories.

Alas, my time is precious once more. This coming week I will attempt another post, I promise. It will largely be dependant on my health though as I have more painful injections on Wednesday. Boo :-(

Speak soon x